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Work Platforms are going beyond the original concept of Social to be focused on what users need to get their work done. 

Tool Overload


One of the big challenges in the workplace today is the explosion of tools in the workplace. Business users are over buying apps that appear to fit their every need.

One Stop Data


The need to find knowledge is a core need in the workplace. Enterprises need to consider where their repository of knowledge is located.

Key learnings

There are many ways to share, manage, and collaborate around content, and the need to easily share information between people is now an imperative. In the digital experience, ease of use trumps everything. This Research note profiles four new Hot Vendors who are helping enterprises get work done by integrating multiple workplace tools into one offering.

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"Messaging is the fastest growing collaboration and communication category. Tools such as Bolste represent a new way to do the work and manage at the same time."

Jim Lundy
Founder & CEO, Aragon Research

Bolste chosen as 2016 Hot Vendor by Aragon Research

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